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Radio Frequency (RF) Hardware Design, EMC/EMI (esp Aerospace) and 3D Electromagnetic Simulation consulting/contracting services. General all around scientist.

Tesla – The American Experience

Tesla – The American Experience. Correction and expansion on a concept in the documentary. Continue reading

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Experimenting with Linux

April 23rd, 2015           It has been over 30 years since Richard Stallman [I was told by a woman recently in Barcelona that I sound like him when I speak Spanish] started a free Unix-like operating … Continue reading

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Panic Button

August 10th, 2014      A recent RedEye article about a Panic Button for college students started my thoughts on invention ideas.  As a wireless device designer, I am all for using wireless technology.  As an entrepreneur, though, I assess my business … Continue reading

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Electromagnetic Propagation to Mars

April 5th, 2014 I do quite a bit of math for engineering projects.  Many things need iterations and so I do lots of scripting.  But sometimes I just want to do something for fun.  Awhile back I was watching a … Continue reading

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Helping Businesses

   February 16th, 2014 Having been in business for almost a decade now, I have worked with many companies in solving their issues from software to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).  Basically, my company helps with techical problems related to electronics hardware … Continue reading

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Leaded Coil Test System

December 4th, 2013 Leaded Coil Test System Over the years we have helped customers with some of their issues concerning coil impedance from antennas to custom inductors.  We have a system available to test coils in a factory environment and … Continue reading

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Nikola Tesla

July 10th, 2013 I guess today is Tesla’s birthday from some of the posts on the internet.  Having been a fan before all of the pop hype, I felt that I should write something. Dealing with large electrical motors and … Continue reading

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