Panic Button

August 10th, 2014

     A recent RedEye article about a Panic Button for college students started my thoughts on invention ideas.  As a wireless device designer, I am all for using wireless technology.  As an entrepreneur, though, I assess my business ideas and a good direction for most products is to keep it simple (and cheap).  I would think the best direction for this kind of safety device would be an App for the phone (that you already must have for the product) that can wake up on a code word to do everything a separate pendant would do.  A separate device must be maintained (batteries) and accounted for (remember to wear it).  Most people already carry their smartphone around which, again, is necessary for the product proposed in the article anyway.  Some other concerns are that we need to assess privacy concerns today.  Some like to ensure that their privacy is maintained in non-emergency situations and shut-off location based services.  Some things to think about.

Ronald Kollman – RF Hardware Designer and President of Haynes-Bent, Inc.

Haynes-Bent, Inc. – Radiofrequency (RF) hardware design, EMC/EMI analysis and 3D Electromagnetic simulation. We also provide Technology advise for investors and executives and software services from embedded to network servers. (630)845-3316

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