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helping-hand   February 16th, 2014

Having been in business for almost a decade now, I have worked with many companies in solving their issues from software to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).  Basically, my company helps with techical problems related to electronics hardware and software.  In working with the end client, I usually find out more that I bargained for about the company.  One of the reasons I personally enjoy consulting versus direct employment is to stay above company politics.  We are usually called in because a company is failing.  We can help technically but usually do not help nor offer advice on some of the root reasons that they are failing.  If I did tell them, they would probably not change what is necessary anyway.  There was only one company in which I told them honestly how they could improve their business.  There were two reasons for this.  The first is because they gave us return business.  The second is because I was in direct contact with the owner who could actually effect change.  This was a smaller business.  In larger businesses, the culture and political kingdoms setup are sometimes too ingrained to change.  The nice thing is that the one company that took my suggestions is still in business and thriving.  The other businesses are either stagnant, offshored a large chunk of their US workforce or went out of business.  We give good technical support to our customers according to what they define as deliverables.  Sometimes that is just not enough but it is our contract.

Ronald Kollman – RF Hardware Designer and President of Haynes-Bent, Inc.

Haynes-Bent, Inc. – Radiofrequency (RF) hardware design, EMC/EMI analysis and 3D Electromagnetic simulation. We also provide Technology advise for investors and executives and software services from embedded to network servers. (630)845-3316

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Radio Frequency (RF) Hardware Design, EMC/EMI (esp Aerospace) and 3D Electromagnetic Simulation consulting/contracting services. General all around scientist.
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