Leaded Coil Test System

December 4th, 2013

Leaded Coil Test System

Over the years we have helped customers with some of their issues concerning coil impedance from antennas to custom inductors.  We have a system available to test coils in a factory environment and collect data.  It will provide coil inductance for frequency points you specify.  Some customization may be needed for a custom coil setup but generally is a cheaper and easier to use system then using a RLC meter or Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) since the later are not typically geared towards factory envirnoments.  Our system is typically geared towards lower frequency devices (<1GHz) but may be able to be customized for higher frequencies.  Contact us if you have interest/need at sales@haynesbent.com.

Ronald Kollman – President – Haynes-Bent, Inc. – (630)845-3316

Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) specializing in Radiofrequency Hardware Design, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) , 3D Electromagnetic (EM) Simulation and software systems.

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Radio Frequency (RF) Hardware Design, EMC/EMI (esp Aerospace) and 3D Electromagnetic Simulation consulting/contracting services. General all around scientist.
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