Terahertz (THz)

The electromagnetic (EM) spectrum band between what we loosely refer to as radio frequencies (RF) and light is approximately the Terahertz regime.  It has come in the “spotlight” in the last few years because of the TSA full body scanners which are not really THz proper but run at a fairly high frequency.  Recently there was an IEEE Spectrum article on the subject.  It was very informative but, I think, a little jaded.  It downplays usage of the spectrum and points out many of the limitations.  What I see many times is a lack of imagination.  I am sure that the majority of people back in the 19th and early 20th centuries would rarely have been able to imagine what we are able to do with the electromagnetic spectrum that we do today.   So, there may not be applications yet.  But I am sure there will be.  Hopefully they will be for a better society.  Basic science research is always a good thing.  It may not pay of for hundreds of years but it is necessary for progress.

Ronald Kollman
Haynes-Bent, Inc.
We specialize in Radiofrequency (RF) Hardware Design, 3D Electromagnetic (EM) simulation and EMC/EMI issues.


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Radio Frequency (RF) Hardware Design, EMC/EMI (esp Aerospace) and 3D Electromagnetic Simulation consulting/contracting services. General all around scientist.
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