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Fermilab Revitalization – Project X

It looks like Fermilab (Batavia, IL) is looking to keep science going with Project X.  The Tevatron was shutdown after CERN came online and most likely can never be turned on again.   But there is quite a bit more science … Continue reading

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Joined IEEE Standards P1785.1 group

Ronald Kollman from Haynes-Bent, Inc. joined the IEEE Standards Group for: Title: Standard for Rectangular Metallic Waveguides and Their Interfaces for Frequencies of 110 GHz and Above. Part 1: Frequency Bands and Waveguide Dimension

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Radiofrequency Hardware Design, EMC/EMI analysis and 3D Electromagnetic Simulation

Haynes-Bent, Inc. offers RF/analog hardware design, EMC/EMI analysis and 3D EM Simulation services. We specialize in:  System, VCOs, PAs, LNAs, Front Ends, Antennas, Propagation, EMC (esp. Aerospace), high frequency design, material selection, technical writing, embedded software and more. Ronald Kollman … Continue reading

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